Elder Law

Elder law attorneys are often pigeonholed into Medicaid and other crisis planning roles when the scope of the elder law field is much broader. It is difficult to formulate a concrete definition of elder law, but many attorneys agree that elder law can best be defined by the demographics an elder law attorney serves—the elderly and the disabled. Any and every issue that these two demographics could conceivably face falls under the umbrella of elder law.

In addition to defining elder law by the demographics, it can also be defined by the common practice areas it encompasses. Some common practice areas under the umbrella of “elder law” include: Medicaid planning, Veterans pension planning, Special needs planning, Guardianship and Conservatorship, Estate planning, Social Security Disability, and Medicare Appeals.

The Law Offices of Ron Feinman is experienced and knowledgeable, with extensive expertise in helping individuals navigate the many issues they face as they plan for their last years and what will happen to their assets after their lifetime.

We are here to support you in whatever elder law issue your circumstance may indicate. We will take the time to learn your concerns and your goals, then advise you on your options to strategically plan your estate to maximize the legacy you leave to your loved ones.

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