Sophisticated Tax & Estate Planning

Imagine creating a plan that ensures that protects a family business, transfers a family farm, or provides for every one of your heirs in a tax efficient manner so that they will have the money to get a proper education, start a business, or pursue their dreams. That’s the power of a sophisticated tax and estate planning.

Here are the main characteristics of our planning process:

  • We typically employ trusts that are irrevocable trusts in order to manage the estate assets effectively.
  • Trusts are often funded with life insurance to leverage the federal estate and generation-skipping taxes. Other assets can be used as well.
  • Trusts often pass assets from generation to generation without subjection to transfer taxes. Trust assets stay intact.
  • Trust assets are protected from creditor seizure, so a beneficiary’s divorce, bankruptcy, medical crisis, car accident, malpractice suit, business failure, or other liability will not diminish trust assets.
  • Trusts can be customized with your instructions, so assets are used as you think best. In fact, you can protect assets from your beneficiary’s spendthrift or addictive behaviors.

If you have advanced estate planning needs that require sophisticated tax planning, the Law Offices of Ron Feinman can assist you to determine the next steps for your estate plan.

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