Veterans Benefits

Depending on your service and veteran status, you may be eligible for governmental benefits you may not know about. We have helped direct veterans of the Korean War, Vietnam War, and other recent armed conflict find resources available to them to help plan their estates. We will happily assist you with any veteran benefits issue that may arise during our representation by referring you to the local administration office and advising you on benefits that may be available to you including Pension with Aid and Attendance, Pension with Housebound Allowance, and Basic Pension.

Pension with Aid and Attendance pays the highest amount and benefits a veteran or surviving spouse who requires assistance in activities of daily living (dressing, undressing, eating, toileting, etc.), is blind, or is a patient in a nursing home. Pension with Housebound Allowance is for those who need regular assistance but would not meet the more stringent requirements for Aid and Attendance and wish to remain in their own home or the home of a family member. With Pension with Housebound Allowance, care can be provided by family members or outside caregiver agencies. Basic Pension is for veterans and surviving spouses who are age 65 or older or are disabled, and who have limited income and assets.

Unfortunately, many veterans and their spouses are unaware of the benefits available to them. Contact The Law Offices of Ron Feinman today to learn about this valuable benefit.

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