Prior to hiring the Law Offices of Ron Feinman, Esq., I was having trouble settling my grandmothers estate to get her on Medicaid.  She was in a local nursing home and the medical bills were “piling up”.  After all my attempts I was feeling frustrated and did not know what to do at that point.  A friend of mine referred me to the Law Offices of Ron Feinman, Esq. because she said she had experience in dealing with this firm and highly recommended them.  I called and scheduled an appointment and we went from there.  Ron and his Staff were very helpful and supportive throughout the entire process of helping me settle my grandmothers estate and get her on Medicaid.  They kept me informed through the entire process and that meant a lot since I was communicating with the nursing home and DSS.  The relationship with Ron and his Staff was definitely a mutual partnership and everyone had my grandmother’s care as a top priority.  I have never worked with a group that cared so much about my grandmother’s well-being as well as mine throughout the entire process.  I would describe this firm as caring, helpful, and communicative.  I highly recommend the Law Offices of Ron Feinman, Esq. to anyone that is having elder law concerns or problems.

Jon A.

1. We were looking for a competent and fair legal counsel to address the issue of Medicaid and to stabilize our family's finances due to the high cost of elder health care.  This law practice was recommended as being an expert in the area of elder care.

2. We were fully satisfied with the thorough and meticulous resolution of our legal matters by the Law firm of Ron Feinman.

3. We found the open communication with Ron Feinman and his staff to be excellent,  and his care of our family and resources to be more than we had hoped for in retaining his services.  Ron is personable and kind while handling a wide array of detailed and tedious financial and legal issues.  His wealth of knowledge and experience was exactly what we needed in handling this process.  He was fair throughout the whole process.  He laid out the plan well and left our family with no unexpected surprises.  From his initial consultation and direction, he delivered as promised.

4. His law firm has set the bar high for any other firms.  We would definitely desire to retain his services if and when needed in the future.

5. We would highly recommend the professional Law Office of Ron Feinman to others as we have done countless times in the past three years.  Our family has sent a number of potential clients to Ron.  We would encourage others to look no further than the office of Ron Feinman.

Carla and Don

I contacted Ron Feinman because my parent’s legal documents were almost non-existent, and I was concerned that their assets were protected and that their wishes were expressed as they aged. Honestly, we were lost and felt afraid of the future. Mr. Feinman listened to us and addressed all our concerns. He created legal documents that make us feel confident about our ability to maintain our wishes.

I value the thoroughness and attention Mr. Feinman and the entire firm gave us. Every contact proved sensitive to my parent’s unique medical needs, and Mr. Feinman truly understood their unique needs as aging persons.

I would recommend Mr. Feinman to anyone concerned about their ability to live as he or she wishes through advancing age. He understands the unique needs of aging people and possesses the specialty legal knowledge to ensure a person’s wishes throughout the aging process.

Rev. Dr. F. Wesley Shortridge

Our journey started out seeking ways to protect our assets for our children.  We researched several elder legal advisors and scheduled with Ron Feinman.  We immediately felt at home with Mr. Feinman and his staff.  They were always available for questions and provided clear and concise guidance and support.  It felt like we were a team working closely to provide any legal guidance to insure our concerns were resolved.  We had trust that they really cared about building a package to ensure our needs were met.  We are very pleased with the services and would recommend Ron Feinman for your legal needs.  The trust he builds with his clients, is second to none.

Pat H.

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